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The Wood Whisperer One of the most educational and entertaining woodworking websites on the web. Plenty of videos and commentaries.
Song of The Great Lakes An woodworker/instrument makers website. A nice read.
The Saw Horse Workshop
Don Owen's pages o' projects.
Mike's Workshop Home of the Flying Dutchman scroll saw blade. Possibly the best blade around.
Woodworker's Central A tremendous website with hordes of useful information and links. Be prepared to spent a lot of time here.
SteveWeb A great website from a beginning woodworker.
Sawdust & Shavings The personal website from a another gifted woodworker.
Saw Mill Creek Possibly the best online woodworking community.
Homestead Finishing A great site full of finishing information. The website home of Jeff Jewitt and Transtint dyes.
Ballew Tool & Saw I've bought several router bits from this company and had a very positive experience. They also carry sandpaper, lathes, and shaper cutters.
Popular Mechanics A classic guide to veneer inlay techniques.
Timeless Boat Works Wood boats and more. The works of Kevin Pagliuca.
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