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Vacuum Veneering - Tips, Tricks, and More!

Odd Veneers and Bookmatches

It's becoming hard to find highly figured veneers in large sizes. You'll often find it necessary to join two or more pieces of veneer together to make up a large panel. The good news is that this method can reveal some amazing results that can only be achieved with veneer. Even the most mundane veneers offer stunning character potential. Sometimes the results are truly amazing. Here are some of nicer ones that I have seen.

Killer Clown
Veneer: Flat Cut Teak


The Moth
Veneer: Walnut Crotch (bookmatched)
Found using Match-Maker™ at


Evil Face
Veneer: Walnut Burl (bookmatched)
Photo & Project: Steve Joyce


Animal Faces
Veneer: Walnut Burl (bookmatched)
Four animal faces can clearly be seen in this outstanding bookmatch.
Photo & Project: Les Brodwell of North Berwick, Maine
Odd walnut burl veneer


Space Monkey
Veneer: Ash Burl (bookmatched)
Photo & Project: Bill Current of Indianapolis, IN
Space Monkey Veneer


Cat Face
Veneers: Ambrosia Maple (bookmatched)
Do you see it?
Cat Face Veneer


The Big Bad Wolf
Veneer: Claro Walnut (bookmatched)
Even this match of lesser grade Claro walnut has some striking figure.
Big Bad Wolf Walnut Veneer


Veneer: Bog Oak Burl (bookmatched)
Do you see the angel?
Takes a little imagination to see this one.
Bog Oak Angel Veneer

Bat Out of Hell
Veneer: Circassian Walnut (bookmatched)
The wonders of nature can be just a bit scary!
Circassian Walnut Veneer Bat

Yes, Joe is a practicing Catholic
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