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Vacuum Veneering - Tips, Tricks, and More

Parts and Construction Overview

There are essentially 4 categories of parts required to build a complete vacuum press system.

  1. Electric vacuum pump or an air powered vacuum generator (venturi)
  2. Main kit components available in kits from
  3. Miscellaneous hardware store items
  4. Vacuum press bag

In the following pages, you will find the do's and don'ts that pertain to making a durable and reliable vacuum press for veneering. There will be a few parts that need to be ordered and you'll need to make a trip to your local hardware store as well but each of these systems will get you into veneering with very little investment.

I gladly welcome any questions you may have about assembling a vacuum press. Feel free to contact me anytime. But first, be sure to check out the "Vac FAQ" for answers to the most common questions about vacuum press construction and vacuum pressing.

Project: EVS™ Electric Pump Vacuum Press
This system uses an electric vacuum pump to generate vacuum. A system like this is a bit heavy but it does not require an air compressor. A pump driven vacuum press also takes a bit longer to build but it's portable and can be adapted to many uses. It is especially useful and economical if you already own a vacuum pump and want to use it for vacuum pressing.

Click here to begin this article.

Project EVS Vacuum Press
Video Available

Download Now

Project: V2 - Venturi Based System
This system uses compressed air to create vacuum via a venturi unit. The kit includes all of the hard-to-find parts but it does require a trip to the hardware store to pick up many other parts such is plywood, PVC pipe, and various electrical parts. It is important to note that this system will soon be discontinued.

Project V2 Vacuum Press
Video Available


Project: V4 - Venturi Based System
The V4 is is latest version of the venturi-based vacuum press system that uses compressed air to generate vacuum. The most significant improvement over the V2 system is the very sturdy carrier assembly. The kit now includes this vital part as well as the PVC reservoirs and vacuum filter. It also has a simplified 12v DC wiring process.


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