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Type: Adjustable Auto-Cycling
Vacuum: Air Powered Venturi
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Mods and Options for the Project: V2 Vacuum System
The Project: V2 kit has only been available for a short while and already dozens of builders have contacted me with suggested modifications and options. So I've come up a bunch of parts and have re-worked a few aspects of the system to meet those suggestions. Dig in!

Completed Vacuum PressVac Pro - Premium: More Vacuum Flow
For most users, the 3.2 CFM of vacuum flow on the Project:V2 is more than enough air flow to pull down large bags. Be that as it may, some builders wanted even more vacuum flow for extremely large bags or bent lamination projects that leave sizable amounts of "free" air inside prior to vacuuming. Well... you want it? You got it!

There are several aspects of the Project: V2 system that need to be considered in adapting the system for a higher flow venturi. I've measured some of the flow restrictions within the system and have methodically replaced each bottleneck to achieve maximum flow from the venturi to the bag connector. With the following parts, you can increase the flow from 3.2 to 9 CFM.

Here are some of the upgraded parts used in the Project: V2 Premium System

  • venturiMac Valve: Series 200
  • Venturi: Vac Pro Premium Series
  • Larger diameter vacuum tube
  • A huge, high flow check valve
  • Larger fittings to accomodate the thicker tubing
  • Plastic spacers to support the larger venturi

Vacuum Clamping
I've wanted to adapt the vacuum press system for vacuum clamping for quite some time. Of course it's not too difficult to hook the vacuum line from the system directly to a clamping board but I wanted something more durable and easier to use. The biggest restriction from making this adaptation a reality was the on/off control of the vacuum to the clamping jig. I wanted to build something that could shut off the vacuum without depleting the vacuum reservoirs.

Click here for details.

Vacuum Chucking
To be honest, I don't think a venturi system is the way to go for vacuum chucking. Just about everything you could chuck on a lathe will have small fissures that will be prone to leaking. Even the rotary adapter itself may leak a bit at high pressure and rotation. This would cause the system to cycle very frequently. There's nothing wrong with the constantly cycling but if it did fail to cycle on for some reason, the work piece would launch off the lathe like the freagin' space shuttle. For electric pump based systems, I always recommend a small modification to make the system run continuously.

Click here for details.

What Are You Doing With Your Vacuum Press?
Feel free to send pictures and a brief summary of what you are doing with your vacuum press. I'd be happy to post it here. Share your vacuum success stories and you'll make this site more helpful to your fellow woodworkers!

Click here to see pictures of dozens of user-built vacuum press systems.

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