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Vacuum Veneering - Tips, Tricks, and More!

Variations on a Theme

Here is the first gallery of vacuum presses systems that have been created by visitors to the JoeWoodworker website. I hope these images help you customize your own system. If you have built a vacuum press based on the article found on this website, feel free to send some pictures and information and I'll post them here.

Ryan Galloway from Woodinville, Washington built this Project: EVS kit using metal pipe for the sub-reservoir and main reservoir. I did advise him to cover the terminals on the capacitor.

This Project: EVS vacuum press system was created by Sean McHale of Wayne, Pennsylvania. I have to admit this is one of the cleanest systems I've ever seen. Everything on it looks perfect.

Check out this Project: EVS vacuum press system built by Andrew Timko. The vertical air tank used as a vacuum reservoir is absolutely hilarious. Andrew also set up his system with a dedicated switch for continuous-run. Nice job!!

This vacuum press was built by Steve Guse with the Project: EVS kit and a Thomas vacuum pump. Looks like the fan blade guards were custom made for this pump. Overall, this appears to be a very well-contructed system.

Bill Galewski set up this Project: EVS vacuum press system using a rebuilt Thomas vacuum pump. He is using it to vacuum bag balsa skin to foam wing cores for his RC hobby. Sweet!

Congrats to David Gee of Nobel, Ontario on this Project EVS system. The vacuum press design is as clean as his shop! The rolling cart idea for these systems has been very popular this year.

Michael Provost of Canyon Country, CA built this compact version of the Project: EVS system. I'm not sure but that looks like a water filter canister being used for the sub-reservoir.

Bob Armbruster of Northbrook, Illinois created this outstanding EVS vacuum press system using an air tank from Sears. This makes for a very clean design with everything in the right place. Well done!

This V2 system was created by Andy Werking of Apex, North Carolina. It represents another excellent re-purposing of a spare air compressor tank used as a main vacuum reservoir.

Jeffrey Green from Rochester, Michigan also used an air tank for a vacuum reservoir. A veneer press with this much vacuum storage capacity will not have to cycle on very often. Well done!

David Brandt from Brandon, South Dakota built an exceptional version of the Project EVS vacuum press system. Though the system is not super-heavy, the rolling cart theme is becoming popular

This is an interesting take on the Project EVS system. This vacuum press was built by Jeremy Fischer of Palm Bay, Florida. The layout is unique but the assembly is in keeping with the EVS project plans.

Here is an EVS vacuum press kit built by William Adamsen from Wilton, Connecticut. This system is slightly modified from the standard kit plans but it looks great and runs perfect.

Franklin Kepley of Odessa, Florida made some slight changes based on available materials. The sub-reservior does not have to be this large. The fan guards were made by Franklin using a 3D printer.

Here is what Mark Dummeldinger of Temple Terrace, FL made using the Project EVS vacuum press kit and the Thomas rebuilt vacuum pump that is available at

Check out this super-lime EVS kit buiilt by Robert Jackson of Chelsea, Michigan. Now this is a vacuum press worth taking a second loolk. The platen boards and vacuum bag sit perfectly on his bench.

Carl Johnson of Austin, Texas made his EVS vacuum press using a refrigerant compressor by mounting the sub-reservoir assembly on the carrier board. Nice job on the press Carl!

Here's an outstanding rendition of the V2 vacuum press system by Robert McGill of Redondo Beach, California. Robert used a compressed air tank for the reservoir. I bet it rarely needs to cycle back on!

Glenn Roberts of Cardiff, New South Wales, Australia made this rolling EVS vacuum press with some modifications. This is a great design that has been adopted by many woodworkers.

Edgar "Butch" Weathers from New York, New York built this EVS vacuum press kit. Note the modified tank holders. Overall, this is one nice looking system that can be built in about a half day.

Wow... check out this V2 system by David Clark (Lee's Summit, Missouri). Note the use of oxygen tanks for vacuum reservoirs. It certainly gives the system a nice, clean look that complements the brass fittings.

Donald Rice from San Diego, California built his rolling EVS masterpiece using the Steve Worzman design (see below) for inspiration. The only core difference is the Thomas rebuilt pump he used on his system.

You have to admit that Steve Worzman of Santa Barbara, California did an incredible job on his vacuum press. Steve made a few modifications to the system and then he sent me his wiring diagram.

Briggs Pletcher from Wilmington, Delaware created a customized Project: EVS vacuum press using the rebuilt Thomas vacuum pump. He also tweaked the design a bit. Well done!

Here's the work of Howard Replogle from Ryderwood, Washington who build the Project: EVS vacuum press kit using the rebuilt Thomas vacuum pump offered at

Brad Vickery of Yucca, California opted for a huge reservoir which increases the time between recharge cycles on the EVS vacuum press. This also increases the length of the recharge cycle.

Glenn Roberts from Cardiff, Australia built his EVS system on top of a rolling air compressor tank. Check out the details in the plumbing lines!

That's right... it's a "steam punk" version of the EVS vcuum press kit. This was created by Ivan Puckett from Katy, Texas. You gotta love this idea!

Carl Johnson made this EVS vacuum press with an air conditioning refrigerant pump. Because of the vacuum port location, Carl used soft vacuum line from the vacuum pump to the remainer of the system.

Sal Sclafani of Carrollton, Texas built this variation of the Project EVS system. His press is attached to the side of a rolling cart. He also increased the vacuum reservoirs to 24" to reduce cycle frequency.

This EVS vacuum press system was custom built by Earl Washington from Scottsdale, Arizona using a rebuilt Thomas vacuum pump and a 5 gallon compressed air tank.

Akasha Weisgarber from Brackendale, British Columbia created the superb rendition of the EVS vacuum press kit in a custom made wooden enclosure.
Well done!

Ken Weinert from Northglenn, Colorado built this quad reservoir EVS vacuum press. He opted to use four vacuum tanks since there was extra PVC left over from the piece that was bought at the hardware store.

Here is another air tank reservoir built into the EVS vacuum press kit. This one was built by Steve Vaczovsky from Elk Grove, California. Simple and portable...
You gotta love it.

This is a clean-design V2 made by Jesus Cuevas of Miami, Florida. It's interesting how a slight modification can make such a big impact of the aesthetics of something as unusual as a vacuum press!

David Kumm from Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin made an EVS system with a simplified vacuum reservoir using a compressed air tank. A bulky but I bet it works wonderfully.

From Jacksonville, Florida, here is DJ Parker's "air station" vacuum press using the Project: V2 idea. DJ used copper pipe for the plumbing. Note that the air compressor is mount to the cart. Very cool!

Leo Van Wyk from Long Beach, California made this vacuum press-on-a-cart. A larger sub-reservoir is used because of the difficulties associated with these oil-bath type of vacuum pumps.

Check out "Sir Sux-A-Lot" built by Rob Burris of Niantic, Connecticut. This is another fancy version of the Project EVS vacuum press system used with the Thomas rebuilt vacuum pump.

Yet another great example of the EVS vacuum press system. This one is by Steven Ruffin of Succasunna, New Jersey. Check out the vacuum hose storage under the main system platform.

Brian Flanigan of Aurora, Indiana created this superb variation of the V2 vacuum press using a propane tank. You got to love this system's compact rolling box design.
Well done!

David Gunn of New South Wales, Australia created his vacuum press using the EVS kit and plans. This is another great example of a vacuum press that uses a compressed air tank for the vacuum reservoir.

This system was built by Julian Mander of Nedlands Western, Australia. He used a refrigerant pump and a rolling cart. This is Julian's second EVS vacuum press using Australian Class 12 PVC.

Here is another great rolling vacuum press using the Project: EVS kit components. This one was built by Steven Higgins of Tustin, California. This is one the finest versions I've ever seen of the EVS system.

Barry O'Mahony created this V2 system for his workshop in Banks, Oregon. This is another great vacuum press example that shows how easy it is to make your own customized vacuum press.

This EVS system has built-in storage drawers! It is the work of Tom Rutledge of Simsbury, Connecticut. The fan blade guards on the pump were made by clamping screen material between 2 pieces of plywood.

Here is a "vacuum press on a cart" built by Jim Thellefsen of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Jim's system uses the Project: EVS kit and the Gast 5.5 CFM vacuum pump built on an inexpensive hand cart.

Check out this excellent Project: EVS vacuum press system with Podz clamping kit built by Ian Bernard of Ottawa, Ontario. This unit was built using reclaimed fire extinguisher tanks. Awesome!!!

Ray Turner of Melbourne, Australia made this Project V2 Premium vacuum press system using the carrier design idea from Barry Coon (near bottom of this page).
Well done Ray!

Here is another great EVS system. This one was built by Larry Danler of Pinedale, Arizona. This is another great example of the many options you have with a DIY vacuum press project.

Mark Drake of Palmdale, California built this Project: EVS vacuum press using a Coleman Power Mate air tank. He based his design on Bob Thompson's system.

Here is an interesting take on the Project: V2 vacuum press system. Tom Wells of Houston, Texas built this press with the tanks salvaged from a small air compressor. Take a closer look to see how he plumbed the system.

Aaron Petersen of Chicago, Illinois made this V2 system using an air compressor tank from Home Depot. Aaron says... it has no problem pulling down a 4x8' bag in about a minute and didn't even cycle once during a 45 minute run.

This version of the Project: EVS vacuum press was created by Joel Watson from Rochester, Michigan. Joel's design was inspired in part by Bob Thompson's EVS vacuum press.

This vacuum press was created by Ivan Moses from Austin, Texas. Ivan said that the tool box is an extra he had built years ago, which just happened to fit everything. Well done!

Eric Gustafson from Tucson, Arizona built this compact version of the Project EVS vacuum press using a 2 gallon air horn tank for the reservoir and a rebuilt Thomas vacuum pump.

This Project V2 vacuum press, created by John Schumer of Hamburg, New York, was designed to fit inside a Festool Systainer box. This is a great adaptation for housing the vacuum press components.

Matt Kula from Traverse City, Michigan built this unique version of the Project: EVS vacuum press for holding electronic circuit boards while his CNC machine does its job. What a great idea!

This vacuum press was built by Ron Leiter of Brighton, Michigan. It's another fine example of a vacuum press-on-a-cart. The pnuematics are based on the Project EVS vacuum press.

Jimmy Baggett from Hillsboro, Oregon built this outstanding "EVS On-A-Cart" system. The white plastic pieces that support the system are flax seed hull cutting boards from Target. It's a "green" vacuum press!

Here's the work of Ted Milburn from Englewood, Florida. Ted used a bargain-priced air compressor tank assembly for reservoirs on this Project: EVS kit.
What a great idea!

James Metcalf from Memphis, Tennessee built his Project: EVS vacuum press system into a Festool Systainer 5 box. What a great idea!

Here i's the work of Michael Kellough from New York who built his compact vacuum press system into a Festool Systainer box. This is another great adaption of the EVS vacuum system.

P. Michael Henderson of Tustin, California built this vacuum-press-system-on-a-hand-truck. What a great idea! It just goes to show the versatility of the EVS system.

Adam Dickson from Ham Lake, Minnesota built one of the best EVS systems that I've ever seen. The quartersawn white oak cabinet even has special add-ons for the hose and electric cord.

Congrats to Darrell Boggs of Massillon, Ohio who built this awesome version of the Project: EVS vacuum pressing system. Click on each picture to see more of his vacuum press project.

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