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The Vac FAQ

Woodworkers are fortunate people. Providing tremendous growth opportunity and personal satisfaction, woodworking as a hobby is one of America's greatest pastimes.

What makes the hobby so satisfying? Any woodworker will tell you the personal reward of creating a finished piece from rough lumber is certainly the largest aspect. In most cases, each piece we build is better than the previous and with the right thinking, each piece will continue to improve. This idea gives a woodworker a dream of something he or she will create someday knowing it will only be better than what he or she has made today.

As woodworkers, we are also rewarded by the admiration of our work from those who normally wouldn't appreciate ordinary items like the furniture and keepsakes we make. Though all of us have furniture and wood items in our homes, those which have been hand-crafted, retain an uncommon and secret beauty. These items are the unique connection between a woodworker and the rest of the world; the link between maker and user.

For most of us, it's not a competition to be the best woodworker. It's just a wish to be a better woodworker. Ultimately, our goal is to develop new skills and create something more memorable than the last. And regardless of whether our woodworking endeavors are criticized or celebrated, a talent will have developed in the process.

The point of the journey is not to arrive.

Enjoy the site,




Who is Joe Woodworker?
It's just an odd coincidence that my name is Joe and I'm a woodworker. The idea behind the name goes way back to a conversation with a friend and professional furniture maker about the different types of woodworkers that fill the world with so many excellent projects.

It seems that there are only a few of these levels. The largest level is that which lies between beginners and professionals. This person might well be described as an average "Joe Woodworker." A JWW isn't new to woodworking but he/she isn't a seasoned professional either. Joe Woodworkers have little desire to become professionals because they enjoy the craft too much to be tied up by taxes, overhead, deadlines, and paperwork.

If you agree, you just might be a Joe Woodworker and you'll probably find something here that interests you especially if you've ever wanted to learn the veneering craft. You'll find several pages of veneer related information including vacuum press plans, veneering tools, and veneer glues.

Yes, Joe is a practicing Catholic
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