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Veneering Basics

14 Good Reasons
Vacuum Press Uses
Vacuum Press Options

Questions & Answers
Part 2
Project: EVS Vacuum Press

About Project: EVS
Parts List
Pump Selection
Build the Manifold
Build the Sub-Manifold
Build the Reservoirs
Make the Carrier
Final Assembly
Wire the Press
Testing and Adjusting
Mods and Options
Part 3
Vacuum Bagging

Vacuum Bag Basics
Polyurethane vs. Vinyl
DIY Vacuum Bags (A)
DIY Vacuum Bags (B)
Connect the Bag
Bag Closures
Bag Platens
Breather Mesh
DIY Frame Press

Part 4
Veneering Information

About Veneer
Veneering Glossary
Veneering Myths
Balancing a Panel

Veneer Glues
Veneering Tips
Substrate Materials
Flattening Veneers
A Sharp Veneer Saw
Jointing Veneers
Taping Veneers
Dealing with Defects
Curing Glued Panels
Veneering w/o Vacuum
Hammer Veneering
Iron-On Veneering
Veneer Storage
Amazing Bookmatches
Copper Veneer Guide
Paperbacked Veneer

Edgebanding Guide

Part 5
Miscellaneous Info

Vacuum Press FAQ
Veneering FAQ
Veneer Glue FAQ
Copper Veneer FAQ
Vacuum Forming
Vacuum Chucking
Vacuum Clamping Pedal
Vacuum Clamping Jigs
Vacuum Clamp Matrix
DIY Vacuum Manifold
Vacuum Press Gallery 1
Vacuum Press Gallery 2
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Vacuum Veneering - Tips, Tricks, and More

Frequently Asked Questions: General Veneering

This FAQ contains answers to more than 49 of the most common questions about veneering and vacuum pressing. Topics of discussion include:

  • Raw Wood Veneering
  • Paper Backed Veneer & Edgebanding
  • Veneering Without A Vacuum Press
  • Veneer Saws & Veneer Tape

Frequently Asked Questions: Vacuum Press Systems & Kits

The "Vac FAQ" has over 80 questions and answers about selecting, building, and using a vacuum press for veneering. Here's what is covered:

  • Selecting A Press: Auto-Cyclying vs. Continous-Run
  • Air Powered and Electric Vacuum Press Kits
  • Vinyl and Polyurethane Vacuum Bags
  • Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions: Veneer Glue and Adhesives

A sticky subject! Check out this page which answers the most common questions about veneer glue. Here are some of the topics which are discussed:

  • Veneer Glue Options
  • Methods of Application
  • Shelf Life and Coverage
  • Adhesive Terminology

Frequently Asked Questions: Paper Backed and 2-Ply Veneer

Paper backed and two-ply veneers are easy to apply. It only takes a few basic tools and a bit of knowledge to make a backed veneer go down perfectly. The Backed Veneer FAQ has answers to more than 30 common questions about:

  • Application Techniques
  • Types of Backed Veneer
  • Finishing Options
  • Trimming and Cutting

Frequently Asked Questions: Copper Veneering

Spice up your next project with copper veneer! The Copper FAQ answers the most common questions about the patina copper on the website. Topics include:

  • Copper Adhesives
  • Types of Substrates
  • Finishing Options
  • Trimming and Cutting
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The Vac FAQ
Heat Lock Veneer Glue
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