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Part 1

Veneering Basics

14 Good Reasons
Vacuum Press Uses
Vacuum Press Options

Questions & Answers
Part 2a (Option 1 of 2)
Project: V2 Venturi Press

About Project: V2
Parts List
Build the Manifold
Build the Reservoirs
Assemble the Venturi
Make the Carrier
Wire the Press
Testing and Adjusting
Mods and Options
Part 2b (Option 2 of 2)
Project: EVS Pump Press

About Project: EVS
Parts List
Pump Selection
Build the Manifold
Build the Sub-Manifold
Build the Reservoirs
Make the Carrier
Final Assembly
Wire the Press
Testing and Adjusting
Mods and Options
Part 3
Vacuum Bagging

Vacuum Bag Basics
Polyurethane vs. Vinyl
DIY Vacuum Bags (A)
DIY Vacuum Bags (B)
Connect the Bag
Bag Closures
Bag Platens
Breather Mesh
DIY Frame Press

Part 4
Veneer Information

About Veneer
Veneering Glossary
Veneering Myths
Backer Veneer

Veneer Glues
Veneering Tips
Substrate Materials
Flattening Veneers
A Sharp Veneer Saw
Jointing Veneers
Taping Veneers
Dealing with Defects
Curing Glued Panels
Veneering w/o Vacuum
Hammer Veneering
Iron-On Veneering
Veneer Storage
Amazing Bookmatches
Copper Veneer Guide
Paperbacked Veneer

Edgebanding Guide

Part 5
Miscellaneous Info

Vacuum Forming
Vacuum Chucking
Vacuum Clamping Pedal
Vacuum Clamping Jigs
Vacuum Clamp Matrix
DIY Vacuum Manifold
Vacuum Press Gallery 1
Vacuum Press Gallery 2
Veneering FAQ
Veneer Glue FAQ
The Vac FAQ
Copper Veneer FAQ
Downloads (PDF's)

Vacuum Veneering - Tips, Tricks, and More

Frequently Asked Questions: General Veneering

This FAQ contains answers to more than 40 of the most common questions about veneering and vacuum pressing. Topics of discussion include:

  • Raw Wood Veneering
  • Paper Backed Veneer & Edgebanding
  • Veneering Without A Vacuum Press
  • Veneer Saws & Veneer Tape

Frequently Asked Questions: Vacuum Press Systems & Kits

The "Vac FAQ" has over 80 questions and answers about selecting, building, and using a vacuum press for veneering. Here's what is covered:

  • Selecting A Press: Auto-Cyclying vs. Continous-Run
  • Air Powered and Electric Vacuum Press Kits
  • Vinyl and Polyurethane Vacuum Bags
  • Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions: Veneer Glue and Adhesives

A sticky subject! Check out this page which answers the most common questions about veneer glue. Here are some of the topics which are discussed:

  • Veneer Glue Options
  • Methods of Application
  • Shelf Life and Coverage
  • Adhesive Terminology

Frequently Asked Questions: Paper Backed and 2-Ply Veneer

Paper backed and two-ply veneers are easy to apply. It only takes a few basic tools and a bit of knowledge to make a backed veneer go down perfectly. The Backed Veneer FAQ has answers to more than 30 common questions about:

  • Application Techniques
  • Types of Backed Veneer
  • Finishing Options
  • Trimming and Cutting

Frequently Asked Questions: Copper Veneering

Spice up your next project with copper veneer! The Copper FAQ answers the most common questions about the patina copper on the website. Topics include:

  • Copper Adhesives
  • Types of Substrates
  • Finishing Options
  • Trimming and Cutting
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The Vac FAQ
Heat Lock Veneer Glue
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